All that you need to know about Email appending

What is email appending?

The basic definition that can be presented in order to define email appending is that it is a process of adding emails. The process of email appending basically involves the process of running your database against the current and updated database of an external vendor so as to obtain all the email addresses along with other information like name, address, mobile number etc. This is one of the most popular and effective ways to add email addresses to your customer list. In order to do email appending, you would have to match and merge all the email addresses present in your database with the vendors and then finally get a database which consists of all the valid data.

The work process

The basic work process in order to do email appending is that if you can match your own database with the vendor’s database and then collate all the updated information so that your time and resources are not wasted on invalid data. The append emails basically consist of opt in and opt out services in which the customers permits the senders to send emails and they also have the option of unsubscribing available to them. But in order to do the whole process of email appending effectively, you would need to have a trustworthy vendor who can provide you with the correct and updated database.

Finding the best email append provider

The whole process of email appending and its success lies on their email append provider. If you have a good vendor, then  you would get the correct database which would help you in growing your business however, if the database is an old one you would not be able to spot it unless you start getting complaints or stop receiving responses. So in this section, we would try to find out how you can find the best email append provider.

  1. The first thing would be to do your researches online. Go to Google, find out the service provider in your area with good ratings and reviews and then list down some which have the highest number. Always go for a vendor who is renowned and has experience and reputation in the market and also read the reviews before proceeding any further.
  2. One you have listed down the potential vendors, talk to them and see who would match up to your requirements in terms of all the factors like service providing and cost. You can do some effective discussions with them before making the final decision for yourself.
  3. Once you have had a discussion about the cost and your requirements, do remember to ask the following points and then decide the one who has the most number of positive answers.
  • In order to decide the authenticity of the data, you should ask them the source of their master file.
  • The time taken by them to append emails.
  • The frequency of data update in the master file.