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Amsyss data solutions Email Marketing Lists – CAN-SPAM Compliance

CAN-SPAM and The Face of Email Marketing Today

The second challenge to the older policies and practices through email marketing is CAN-SPAM compliance.

CAN-SPAM or The Controlling and Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing law currently very strictly governs commercial emails and messages. It now requires a marketer to provide all email recipients the provision to stop the former from emailing them. Noncompliance incurs the business house penalties and legal liabilities.

What Can You Do to Ensure Your Campaign Is CAN-SPAM Compliant?

  • Reveal Your Full Identity – CAN-SPAM requires that marketers reveal their business website domains or any other domain they rightfully market, in the email’s “To” and “From” field.
  • Use Verified Information It is mandatory that all information provided by the business to the recipient should be 100% genuine and verified. Even the use of any lucrative, tempting unverified email from-address is now legally barred.
  • The Subject Line – CAN-SPAM requires that you don’t lie in the email’s subject line. If the subject line of your email claims that there is a free service inside, then the email must contain exactly a free service.
  • Mention that it’s Advertising – CAN-SPAM compliance makes it mandatory for marketers to mention at least once in the email, be it anywhere, in case they are advertising.
  • Mention Your Physical/Geographic Location – Now on, in any marketing email, your geographic location has to be mandatorily included. This further verifies your business as a legitimate entity and you as a real and verified email sender and provides the recipients the option to reach /verify you through snail mail/physical drop-ins.
  • Clearest Opt-Out Provisions – Any business house using email marketing now needs to provide their recipients with the clearest choice to opt out of receiving such emails. Such an option should be made available in an ‘easy to recognize’ mode, along with an easy unsubscribing process. Once a recipient opts out of an email list, a business house has maximum ten business days to remove their name and details from the mailing list.
  • Third-Party Affiliates – CAN-SPAM now makes it necessary that any and every third party or affiliate you have permitted to mail people on your behalf must be under your thorough radar and you must be aware of what they are doing. For every third-party automated email platform, the responsibility to keep track of their processes and their handling of the data belonging to your recipients now unambiguously goes back to you.


Amsyss data solutions is an experienced email marketing database provider, and with us working by your side, you don’t ever again have to worry over any non-compliance.

We guarantee you that our every single mailing list is strictly CAN-SPAM compliant. Our data scientists take great care to implement some of the strictest and foolproof data privacy protocols for every list. We simultaneously always encourage and advise double opt-in lists.

How We Ensure CAN-SPAM Compliance

At Amsyss data solutions, we carefully take every precautionary and proactive measure to make our data CAN-SPAM compliant. We have been, from day one, providing strictly CAN-SPAM compliant marketing databases as we understand the value of customer-centric services and the sheer necessity of data security and privacy.

Every Amsyss data solutions emailing list has the following features –

  • Amsyss data solutions always obtains data through ethical email marketing campaigns that are also transparent and procured from reliable sources.
  • We always advise, promote and perform not just opt-in campaigns, rather double opt-in email marketing campaigns, to create a consolidated list of your target audience who genuinely wants to receive promotional emails from your business house.
  • Our data analysts regularly update every emailing list through email verification and/or tele-verification to ensure better deliverability of your business emails.
  • We strictly keep our every data secure, verified, updated and private, so as to foolproof it against any illegal or unauthorized access or misuse.
  • We are experts in providing highly segmented industry mailing lists to suit our customers’ exact needs.

The Benefits of CAN-SPAM Compliance

The good news, however, is that the businesses that comply with CAN-SPAM rules get to enjoy the following marketing benefits-

  • Marketing to a carefully chosen target audience who is already genuinely interested in a certain brand, product or service.
  • This, in turn, improves the corporate communication and the sales pitch conversion rates via email marketing.
  • Sending targeted emails to the precise target audience who is interested and has opted in to receive promotional emails results in Email personalization, which in turn boosts email marketing metrics.
  • A highly segmented and precisely targeted approach to marketing further improves the company’s marketing metrics.
  • The regularly updated mailing database maintained through opt-in options remains clean for a longer period of time.
  • Brands not violating their prospective clients’ privacy and free will tend to build greater trust and loyalty through such ethical and norm-compliant marketing campaigns.


Choosing Amsyss data solutions as your email marketing database service provider, one who is offering CAN-SPAM compliant database strictly can boost not only your sales but also your brand reputation and trust. Join hands with us today! When our state-of-the-art data solutions meet your innovative marketing campaigns, you’re guaranteed to create soaring success for yourself!