Customer Personas- What and why do you need them?

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If you think you know what your customers want, then you might have to rethink that. Finding out your buyer needs is much more important and beneficial to the business. A customer persona is a term that is widely used in new age businesses, and they represent models that are defined as profile cards. They are very important in making marketing strategies and are crucial in studying buying patterns and the behaviors of the clients.

Profiling is necessary to keep your marketing efforts focused. You can hardly go wrong when you have an intended profile, and you can be sure that your message will get through. Without profiling marketing and targeting customers would be too uneconomical in today’s era and thus it plays an important role in businesses.

Buyer profile- What does it look like?
A standard profile card is divided among several sections which are further divided into segments containing all the relevant information about the customer. All the fields in a basic profile form.

General information:
This is the basic information of the customer that is required to assign a persona which is more relatable.

• Name
• Bio in brief
• Profile photo
• Professional objective

Demographic details:
Demographic information is necessary since it complements the general data of the customer. With the help of the demographic details, we get a closer look at the persona. This will enable you to target better potential customers than waste your energy on uninterested customers with lower chances of selling. Some of the demographic fields are:

• Age
• Gender
• Marital status
• Ethnicity
• Education
• Income
• Location

Psychographic details:
Understanding the behavior of your customer would give you a better insight into what they would potentially buy. Psychographic details enable you to understand what people click on and what makes them do so. This study is generally done by user surveys on websites. Some of the things can be known from this study are:

• The attitude of the customer
• Aspirations
• Decision-making ability
• Values and beliefs

The behavioral aspect of the customers:
What do customers generally share on social media websites? What do they usually like to see? Understanding their general behavior enables you to create a more powerful marketing campaign that guarantees success.

Professional data:
Professional details are necessary for classifying prospects for targeting on a more direct level. This enables businesses to hone in on your audience. The sections included in these details are:

• Job title
• Profile of the work
• Daily responsibilities in the profession
• Skills necessary
• Software and tools required and used


Knowing the challenges faced by your customers will help you provide service with a higher level of satisfaction by positioning your products and services in a way so as to solve their problems. Information needed in this are:

• Factors responsible for frustration in the persona
• Factors responsible for gratifying your persona

Where to use these personas?
Personas enable you to know all the necessary details required to market your products successfully. If a person likes a certain thing, then you can possibly use this information in tandem with your product for a higher rate of selling it. Customer personas let you reverse engineer your business plans.

Why should every business design personas of buyers?
Creating buyer personas helps the business to save resources and minimize acquisition costs. By selling to those customers who actually need you prevent wasting any energy on marketing to them to those who do not need. This also lets you focus on more customer acquisition and can build a great portfolio of the company.

Methods to acquire information of buyers
• Events for networking are the best option to collect information. You can also match a group of buyers to their demographics and conduct the behavioral study.
• Interviewing prospective customers is a great way to compile information that will boost your business.

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