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Dell Users List

Dell is one of the most dominant names in the field of hardware services and products around the globe. Started in the year 1984, they have grown into various areas of hardware categories related to computing and storage facilities. This feature has made it one of the most sought-after devices it comes to data storage, data transfer, and data switches.

Amsyss data solutions provide the Dell Users Email List around the globe that makes use of this software. This fact will help you in reaching out to target a specific audience and thus make your market share to increase. Dell has developed itself from a pure hardware provider into one of the big Enterprise payers.

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The Dell server user’s database consists of various levels of business professionals and executives who make decisions on a regular basis within their companies. This feature has made it one of the most sought-after lists with us. The data collected by our data analyst team is verified and updated on a frequent basis.

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Revenue (in USD)Number of companiesEmployeesNumber of companies

0M-1M23.5401-10 Employees25.2131M-10M51.77210-50 Employees15.09910M-50M10.93150-200 Employees31.94250M-100M12.408200-500 Employees13.665100M-200M2.491500-1000 Employees2.692200M-1000M3.9261000-5000 Employees12.002>1000M1.780>10000 Employees3.053

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  • IT
  • Telecommunication
  • Construction
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Education
  • Computer Hardware
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Computer Software