Fraud Alert

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Recently Amsyss data solutions team of Client Relations Experts  have fraud Alert solution were intimated by our clients about them having received product offers from sales reps claiming to belong to Amsyss data solutions.

Apparently, the fraudsters each time approached our clients over offers of brand-class-mailing lists but soon after the collection of payments, they disappeared from the scene with no trace left, and in turn, tarnishing the name and reputation of Amsyss data solutions.

When our disgruntled customers called in to complain across quite a few such hapless instances, we did conduct a thorough inquiry. We then found out that not a single such e-mail was sent from our end, and they did not even carry our organizational domain name in the email ids.

We are genuinely grateful to our clienteles for intimating us of this serious fraud.

We therefore now would want to officially confirm that Amsyss data solutions is an independent business entity and we do not have any business partner nor do we deal with/via any third-party vendors.

If you ever receive an email from account IDs reading, Amsyss data solutions Solutions Inc., Amsyss data solutions Mailing Systems,, or any such brands that show any possible, distant or close resemblance to our own brand, please immediately report the sender to your respective cyber cells.

Kindly know that any such name does not have whatsoever affiliations with Amsyss data solutions, which is our one and only original, certified and registered brand.

In future, to keep such fraudsters at bay, please know that:

1. Amsyss data solutions always contacts its clients only from our e-mail accounts clearly displaying our registered domain name
2. To be on safer side, before you finalize any data deals with any individual representing Amsyss data solutions, please send us an email at or call us at 1800-711-8176 to confirm their employment with us at Amsyss data solutions. Approach us to confirm the credibility of the sales rep approaching you.
3. Without a second thought dismiss any claim of anyone having taken over Amsyss data solutions as that is an outright fraud alert.
4. Kindly always keep in mind that Amsyss data solutions does not possess or run any subsidiaries or company affiliated branches.
5. Amsyss data solutions does not/will never use any free mailing accounts to contact our existing and/or potential clients. All official communications from our end will always happen only through email accounts from our domain

We have also heard of certain equally unfortunate instances where the fraudsters had tried selling sub-standard databases pretending to be our official partner or a third-party vendor or even a reseller. We urge you to simply not deal with any such individual. Whosoever makes such a claim is undoubtedly some fraudulent salesmen trying to trick our loyal customers and use our impeccable reputation to boost their fraud business.