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Amsyss data solutions Email Marketing Lists – GDPR Compliance.

GDPR and Email Marketing Today

GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation brings in a huge implication and direct impact on today’s business email marketing strategies.

The GDPR regulation effective from 25 May 2018 has put digital marketers in much frenzy as it places certain strict norms and consequences to any non-compliant email marketing practice.

So, what exactly has GDPR changed and what it means to our email marketing policies –

Mandatory Audience Consent

GDPR requires us to obtain a clearly stated, informed, freely given consent by a recipient to a sender for sending them the marketing emails.

It requires us to adhere to –

  • A fresh set of unambiguous and clearly defined permission rules.
  • Systemized storage of permission data, which is easily retrievable whenever required.
  • An easy and accessible system for email recipients to opt out of receiving the emails and having all personal information removed from the sender’s database.

We don’t encourage both soft opt-in or soft opt-outs. Only foolproof double opt-in strategies, categorically double checking with the recipients for permission to send marketing, and promotional emails are advised from our end.

How to know if there is a scope for an increased fool-proofing in your GDPR, compliance?

Simply cross check the following –

  • Do you know the geographical location of all your mailing contacts?
  • Was the mailing list obtained via a double opt-in marketing campaign?
  • Are you aware and in the loop with the sources of all incoming data?
  • Does your privacy policy give out detailed information on the collection, storage and transfer systems of your data?
  • Does your policy include honestly communicating your privacy policy to your recipients?
  • Is there any issue with your existing processes that might need change over into a more transparent and systemized data collection and management?

Following these pointers and making changes to your data practices can ensure fool proofing any unforeseen GFPR non-compliance issue.

Buying and Signing-Up for Mailing Lists from Third-Party Providers

Due to these regulations in place, now whenever you purchase an email database from any third-party data solutions provider, such as Amsyss data solutions, the few things you need to keep in mind are as follows –

  • Purchase data ONLY from third-party companies that offer foolproof database such as opt-in and double opt-in compliant data lists, as we at Amsyss data solutions do.
  • Purchase data ONLY from third party companies that provide strictly GDPR compliant data, such as Amsyss data solutions.
  • Purchase data ONLY from companies that who are committed to data security, data privacy and who will never compromise their data for any unethical or unjust purposes.

Ensuring some of these checks can get you a genuine GDPR compliant mailing list, and in turn, save you any unforeseen hassles or legal penalties. Amsyss data solutions also saves you the time needed for segmenting all this data all by yourself. Our data scientists categorically and carefully research and segment all data and keep them highly compliant to GDPR, data security, efficacy, and data privacy.

Amsyss data solutions strictly adheres to and actively ensures GDPR compliant database.

What GDPR Demands

What Amsyss Data Solutions Delivers
An ethical and  transparent  data processing methodology.Opt-in and double opt-in campaigns ensure transparency and data privacy.
The collection of data only for legitimate and precise  purposes.Opt-in and double opt-in campaigns designed to  explicitly inform all our email recipients about where the data we receive of them might end up.
Acquisition of data limited strictly to Only what’s necessary.We define and drive our data capture campaigns strictly based on and limited to our customers’ requirements.
Up-to-date,  accurate and authentic  mailing lists.We update our mailing list to the second we send it out. Our lists remain up to date through constant  email verification and tele-verifications.
Must specify a time limit up to when the data of a recipient will be stored.We strictly adhere to transparency viz. our data acquisition and storage procedures for all subjects who opt-in for receiving our client’s emails.
A precise segmentation of data.Amsyss data solutions provide thoroughly segmented mailing lists, highly  customized to suit every unique client’s needs.
Improved security measures to ensure that the data is protected against misuse, compromise or loss.Our systems are foolproof and carefully bar any and every unauthorized access to our data.

We at Amsyss data solutions constantly labor towards industry-best data solutions, and today, undoubtedly, we are one of the very few genuinely GDPR compliant data solutions and email marketing database provider. We always encourage our clients to view GDPR as a great and beneficial system in the process of data security.

What benefits partnering with a genuine GDPR compliant data provider can bring you –

  • Improved and personalized customer relationship as you narrow down your emails to the specific prospects who are genuinely interested in what you have for them.
  • Exceptionally improved email marketing metrics because now you’re targeting only the individual/business houses who have agreed to be a part through double opt-in campaigns.
  • Stronger brand trust and customer loyalty as your recipients see you genuinely complying with the GDPR norms.

Amsyss data solutions is ready to partner with you by providing you with genuine GDPR compliant data solutions. Call us today and join hands with us to see your success soar.