Tricks to write an amazing subject line to get the best opening rate

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Email is everywhere, and you keep checking it all the time. Unlike other traditional advertising methods email has a more personal touch and is more powerful due to its popularity. However, you must have several unopened emails in your account since you found them to be uninteresting. You made that decision based on the subject line of the email. The subject line of an email is like the title of a blog. If it is interesting, then you open the email and if not then you ignore it. Thus, writing an interesting subject line is very important since it reflects on the opening rate of the mail.

Does the opening rate matter?

It is obvious that you want your emails to be read to increase your sales or expand your business. Opening rate is not just a number but a metric that signifies how well your relationship is with your prospects. There are many ways to increase your opening rate, and that includes inserting clickable subject lines, pruning the list of subscribers and segmenting them and finding the optimal number of campaigns and frequency of emails.

How to write great subject lines?

Cut to the chase

Do not add things that are irrelevant to the reader. Most of the emails have subject lines that do not have any value. Subject lines need to be short and simple. Make sure that it is interesting and makes the reader curious enough to open the email and read it. The subject line should strictly convey what the email is about. Any misleading lines and the reader will surely assign all your future emails to the spam folder.

Length of the subject line

The length of the subject lines is still debatable. Sometimes the long subject lines work, and the other times a short and crisp subject line works the best. As an email marketer, you need to find out what works best for you. Subject line lengths are a personal preference, and you need to find out the middle ground through surveys and trials. Once you get the idea, you can follow it for your campaigns.

Using power words

Power words are those who create an emotional response. These words have the ability to evoke a feeling that can do wonders for your campaign. You need to answer the “why” questions that arise this feeling in a person. Marketing has evolved to become a more personalized experience, and people are looking for delightful experiences.


Emojis are risky affairs, and you need to be very careful. Using a single emoji is accepted since it makes the email more exciting and adds a personal touch. But stuffing the email with emojis and gifs will make you look like someone who is not serious, and it might irritate the reader in some cases too. Thus, finding the balance between the frequencies of use is necessary.

Asking questions

People like knowing what happens next to fulfill their hunger for mystery. If someone is left hanging they would certainly hate gravity and asking questions is the best way to solve the gravity problem.

What not to do while writing a subject line

Many emails have their subject lines beginning with “Re” to create an illusion that someone started this conversation and this is just a reply to that and thus trick the reader into opening the email. Tricking your readers is never a good idea since they will lose their faith in you. Do not write your subject lines like a machine. Making it more personal is the key. With proper guidance and testing, you can find out what works for your email campaign and use it to get a higher number of customers.