If your business is based online, then you need email funneling more than anyone else. If you want a great return on your business, then email funneling is the way to go since it keeps the growth of your business on autopilot.

Email funnel

Email funneling is a technical method to breed interest among the targeted audience and encourage them to take a predicted action. With the help of email funneling you can provide a continuous stream of informative emails to keep the awareness about the business alive and also keep the customers engaged. Statistics say that email is one of the best sources for B2B customers after industry recommendations and referral advice. Since email funneling is strong, every business should tap into its potential and use it for generating a lead.

Email automation

Email automation means a digital infrastructure for sending out periodic emails with the help of pre-defined actions or by using artificial intelligence. For example, an email procedure that greets new subscribers makes use of email automation. You can make this process completely automatic by first designing the entire email funnel and then set up the flow using services and tools like MailChimp and GetResponse. Email automation means creating an email funnel that will help you grow your subscriber’s list. On your website, every small action by a prospective customer is actually an opportunity for business and turn it into a lead. An email funnel works by automatically taking actions after a trigger by potential customers.

Why email automation is needed

Email marketing is needed to set up relationship marketing without any interruption. Email marketing is different than traditional advertising since email marketing brings in the warmer audience. This helps in converting them into leads very easy for the business. Unlike other traditional marketing strategies, this does not target crowds who might not be interested in the product. That is the reason email marketing is so effective and must be taken seriously. Email automation helps  you to stay updated with the requirements of the customer’s needs. Email automation can automate several areas of the business. This has several advantages such as lead generation and brand building.

Lead generation

The reason a subscriber is on your subscriber list is that they found something interesting in your business and product. Starting at this point, you can serve the prospect by providing them with information that will pique their interest in the product further. Once the interest grows, the prospect might develop the need for your service or product with the help of targeted marketing.

List nurturing and building brand

Since you already have reached out to your potential customers, you can serve relevant and important information that develops a connection and helps you convert the lead. The best way to do this is to provide surveys oriented by goodies. Surveys enable you to come up with products that are in demand. Moreover, designing a product that is needed ensures that you have a higher chance of selling. This happens you have nurtured a huge number of people that are ready to provide you with all the data that would help you build your business. Surveys make the customers feel that they are a part of the company and this goes a long way in creating a strong base of potential customers.

Email campaigns are probably the most economical ways to reach out to a lot of people. There are several other advantages to this such as you can bring more customer engagement and it is easier to keep track of your ROI as compared to other marketing methods.